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Genre: Lecture

An Earth Day Celebration with Jane Goodall

2018-04-22, 7:00 PM

Convocation Hall.



Apr. 22, 2018

Dr. Jane is coming back to Canada in April 2018!

Presented by The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

All proceeds from ticket sales support JGI Canada’s efforts to save our precious planet and its most endangered species.


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Doors open at 6pm (1 hour ahead)

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Dr. Jane Goodall first set foot in what is now known as Gombe Stream National Park in 1960 when she launched her pioneering research with wild chimpanzees. She was only 26 years old. Her research project was unlike any other and has taught us so much about our closest cousins in the animal kingdom.

In 1977, Jane founded the Jane Goodall Institute, which continues to support the research at Gombe. With 31 offices around the world, Dr. Jane and the Institute are widely recognized for effective community-centered conservation and development programs in Africa and the protection of wild chimpanzees in Africa’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary.

Everywhere she goes, Jane urges audiences to recognize their personal power and responsibility to effect positive change through consumer action, lifestyle change and activism.

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