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Genre: Lecture

Graham Hancock "America Before" Book Launch

2019-05-05, 2:00 PM

Convocation Hall



May 5, 2019

Graham Hancock
"America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization"
Book Launch
Canada 2019 Tour

Was an advanced civilization lost to history in the global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age? Graham Hancock, the internationally bestselling author, has made it his life’s work to find out - and in his new book, America Before (published on Apr. 22, 2019), he draws on the latest archaeological and DNA evidence to bring his quest to a stunning conclusion.
Hancock’s research takes us on a series of journeys and encounters with the scientific rebels responsible for the recent extraordinary breakthroughs. In the process, from the Mississippi Valley to the Amazon rainforest, he reveals that ancient ‘New World’ cultures share a legacy of advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated spiritual beliefs with supposedly unconnected ‘Old World’ cultures.
This is a unique opportunity to be fully informed about exciting discoveries that will change everything we think about our past. We have long been, as Hancock puts it, ‘a species with amnesia’. The time has come to wake up."

May 5

Doors open at 1pm
general admission

$75 +HST regular

Tickets cannot be reissued at the door.

Convocation Hall
31 King's College Circle
a 4 minute walk West from Queen's Park subway station (Northwest exit) on College Street, then North on King's College Road (through main gates of University of Toronto)

The University of Toronto is a Smoke-Free Campus

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